We take the complicated...

and make it


Our solution:

Healthcare practitioner-led,

tech-enabled, data-informed

clinical decision support platform.

Our vision:

To guide the right treatment to

the right patient at the right time.


CLINICAL Solutions

C/R/I/S (Cannabis Recommendation Information System) is the first of its kind software, using AI and Machine Learning, which helps health care practitioners efficiently and expertly guide patients through the complex and confusing world of medical cannabis.

It is important that patients connect with their healthcare providers when they need care. Virtual care will continue to transform the timing and delivery of patient care. Connect with patients in a safe way that respects the need for social distancing.

A record of which vaccine was administered, when it was administered, lot number, and when a second dose (if required) is scheduled.


H. L.


Patient had an Mx written for pain. Upon further discussion with patient, the pharmacist discovered that the patient was also taking buprenorphine for substance abuse disorder through a specialist. The pharmacist was able to contact the specialist to discuss cannabis therapy with buprenorphine (they use the same metabolism pathway). The specialist was very grateful for the pharmacist follow up and discussion. It was decided to proceed with cannabis therapy with monitoring.