About Us

36Eight Technologies is a bioinformatics/pharmacological healthcare data and technology company harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and proprietary Machine Learning algorithms and applying it on underlying clinical data/knowledge to efficiently understand a patient’s unique medical needs. 


Our Team

John Tse

Founder & CEO   

John developed his expertise during his diverse business career, twenty years of which were at senior corporate management and Executive Leadership levels. With advancements in healthcare and increasing complexity in treatment options, front line practitioners will need assistance to deliver the right care to the right patients at the right time. Recognizing a void in the healthcare technology space, John, a licensed pharmacist, embarked on an entrepreneurial path to start 36Eight Technologies, a bioinformatics/pharmacological healthcare company.

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Pam Pasicnyk

Operational Pharmacist   


Pam is a licensed pharmacist with 30 years of retail pharmacy and leadership experience. She is passionate about the significant role that pharmacists play in overall patient health. Pam joined 36Eight in late 2018 and has spent the last few years learning about medical cannabis and its therapeutic potential. For Pam, being able to help health care providers assist their patients to navigate the complexities of medical cannabis therapy in a clinical way, and see positive results, has been immensely satisfying.

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Nelson CostA

Operational Pharmacist   

Nelson is a UBC graduate with 25 years experience as a community pharmacist and in management roles. He has been involved with 36Eight since 2019 as a pharmacist consultant in the design and development of the CRIS platform. Nelson believes that medical cannabis plays an important role in the management of several medical conditions and it will improve many patients' ailments and lives.

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