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COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

A record of which vaccine was administered, when it was administered, lot number, and when a second dose (if required) is scheduled.


This tracking solution applies to ALL vaccines.


However, COVID-19 global pandemic has expedited vaccines developed at unprecedented speed. Most of these vaccine candidates require a two-dose regimen be administered in order to achieve efficacy rates. As is the case for any new drug, the possibility and risk of unanticipated adverse reactions are real, making it prudent that healthcare providers have access to a robust real-time surveillance/monitoring and adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting system for these new vaccines. 


Additionally, any drug regimen that requires multi-dosing leaves open the possibility of patient non-compliance in obtaining subsequent doses for any number of reasons, including patient complacency and common, minor adverse consequences associated with the first dose, e.g. injection site irritation or muscle soreness. Given the gravity of COVID-19 infection, both of these situations, adverse drug events of patient non-compliance demand that real-time tracking and reporting be an essential part of the COVID-19 vaccination solution.

36Eight Technologies’ tool is a PIPEDA compliant SaaS platform in the cloud:

  • fully scalable

  • designed to accept health data from different data sources such as, pharmacies, physician EMRs, bulk data transfers from mobile clinics / mass vaccination events, public health, etc.

  • able to follow patients longitudinally, to monitor, to clinically manage, to log notes, to complete patient wellness surveys, and to report

  • able to extract vaccination data in real-time

  • able to track and schedule 2nd dose where necessary

  • able to survey and report on side effects after each dose, and

  • able to serve as a vaccination database/record for residents of Canada

Able to provide and report (where necessary and appropriate) vaccine specifics: type of vaccine, date of administration, Lot # and Expiry date of vaccine - for each patient.

Vaccine administrator follows-up with each vaccine recipient regarding 2nd dose and/or booster dose, outcome and side effects and documents the interaction with each vaccine recipient to monitor outcome and side effects. Multi-dosing leaves open the possibility of patient non-compliance in obtaining subsequent doses. Patient compliance is paramount.

Efficient and easy tracking and reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) to Health Canada.  

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