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Real World Evidence

Longitudinal Real-World Data Intelligence 

Longitudinal Real-World Evidence (RWE) of patient responses and outcomes is needed to enable immediate medical decisions. 


What is Real World Evidence (RWE)? 


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines RWE as “the clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of a medical product (or device) derived from analysis of real-world data." 
36Eight Technologies’ C/R/I/S is a proprietary personalized clinical decision support platform that generates longitudinal Real-World Patient Data, delivers clinically rich insights into daily outcomes and occurrences, gaining a holistic view of the patient narrative and visibility into previously siloed data. 

Why do we need RWE? 

There’s a gap between research (what we learn) and everyday practice (what we do) in healthcare, and it creates a difference between what is expected to happen and what really happens. Driving measurable improvements in healthcare requires us all to be rooted in the reality of what really happens before, during, and after clinical procedures, interventions, and office visits. 

  • RWE fills the gap by assessing, validating and aggregating various, often disparate, sources of data available through routine clinical practice. 

  • RWE tells us what really happens when doctors treat a wide range of patients (not the traditional homogenous patient groups in clinical trials). 

Because of this, RWE serves many uses and provides many benefits across the healthcare ecosystem. 
RWE can provide a holistic view of patients that in many cases cannot be studied through traditional clinical trials. 

"We see a greater recognition of the impact of real-world evidence"
Challenges Of Producing RWE: 

  • Achieving medical- level accuracy

  • Integrating data from multiple sources

  • Collaborating with numerous stakeholders holding the data

  • Correlating biomarkers with outcomes

  • Removing confounders (variables affecting results of study)

  • Complying with regulatory requirements

36Eight’s C/R/I/S’ processes continuously consume de-identified real world data, in near real-time, refining our proprietary algorithms while generating extensive longitudinal evidence:

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 1.05.34 AM.png

Real-World Evidence Yields a Real-World View

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